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Student Portal

Welcome to the Student Portal! Here you can find all the information you need to aid you when learning to drive with us, plus links to special offers and news!

Has your instructor asked you to provide a licence check code? No problem! Click this button to generate your code. 

Has your instructor signed you up for the award winning theory program? Brilliant! Click this button to login and start your theory preparation.

Not sure if your instructor has signed you up yet? Not a problem! Give them a call and they can confirm for you.

Click here when you're ready to book your theory test. Discuss first with your instructor if they believe you are ready.

We love getting feedback, especially to hear what brilliant experiences people have had with us!

If you would like to leave us a review, please click on any of the links here.

Are you loving learning to drive with us and know a friend who wants to learn? Recommend us to them and earn yourself £5 for each one you recommend *

*The friend must purchase a minimum of 10 hours for you to be eligible and you must still be taking lessons with us

Maximum of 3 referrals per pupil

If you're looking for Learner's Insurance, look no further than Collingwood! They specialise in Leaners and Young Drivers - click here to get a quote!

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