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Most of us pass our driving test and will potentially not review our skills and knowledge until we're around 70 years old. That could be 53 years!

​If we look back at the previous 53 years and how the driving test has evolved, traffic volumes have increased, as well as advances in vehicle technology and the law, it is not surprising that many drivers on the road today would not be able to pass the current driving test.

None of us are too old or experienced to learn new skills, and our trainers at DTS Driving School are trained to the highest driving standards. We are ready to help you take your own driving skill to the next level, whether that's with a Pass Plus Course, or discovering new Eco-Driving skills to help you save money and save the planet!

Prices And Courses

Hourly Rate (this covers our Eco-Driving tuition and confidence building sessions)

Pass Plus Course (6 Hours - This course covers all six modules: Towns - All Weathers - Rural Roads - Night Conditions - Dual Carriageways - Motorways)

Advanced Tuition



Looking for something specific we haven't mentioned above? Get in touch with us and our instructors can discuss what you're looking for and how we can assist.

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