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Confidence Building

"Put me at ease and got me through after I gave up nearly 20 years ago."

We all feel a lack of confidence at times. One person can find a particular task easy while the next will be wracked with nerves and perhaps without really knowing why.

When it comes to driving there can be many reasons why an individual may feel they lack in confidence. Perhaps they've had a bad experience, previous collision, are anxious about high speed driving such as motorways or are just a naturally nervous person.

At DTS Driving School we recognise that no two people are the same in this regard and our experienced trainers can apply a level of support that will ensure the most nervous of people will overcome their anxiety and succeed in achieving the goals that are discussed and agreed together at a pace to suit the individuals needs.​

We all get challenges from time to time and it can feel that progress just isn't being made. You know what needs to be achieved but for some reason and with the best will in the world it's just not happening, which can become very frustrating and potentially demoralising.

At DTS Driving School we've got that covered. With over 25 years experience in the driving instruction industry we believe we can overcome just about any challenge that faces our clients!

As our name implies we've got an armoury of techniques and solutions that we are certain, by working together, will enable us to win over those challenges.

We recognise that each trainee has their own personal learning style and we work to ensure that our driving lessons are bespoke to match the clients requirements.

"What a journey, thank you for all your training, support and patience, this really is life changing."

Current Instructor Blues?

Some of the most common complaints we hear are about how the instructor regularly arrives late for lessons or just doesn't turn up. They are difficult to get hold of by text or phone call, or doesn't provide value for money.


If you are not entirely happy with your current instructor, feel your progress is not going as well as you would like or would like to try a different approach, then Contact Us. We aim to work with you to provide the best tuition that suits you, so not only are you learning but you're enjoying it too!

Head on over to our Testimonials page to see what our previous clients have to say!

   Important note:

It is a legal requirement that all driving licences are checked for validity prior to the commencement of any training. Please click the button below for the DVLA licence check code generator service. You will need your licence number, National Insurance number and postcode (as on the licence) to generate your code from the 'share details' tab. This code must then be forwarded to your trainer for the licence check to take place. This process should be completed at least 24 hours before training commences. Failure to provide the 'check code' could mean your training is delayed or even cancelled. 

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